A group of representatives of the Sports Foundation traveled to Sweden to continue the project of internationalization of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres, HIGHSPORTUGAL.

Following the project for the internationalization of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres – HIGHSPORTUGAL, Market Access, a company selected by public tender, carried out the activity 3.3 of this project, entitled “International Promotion Actions with the organization of meetings and exploratory talks in the targeted markets, advised by expert consultants to promote the national offer of HPSC”.

The execution of this activity includes actions to promote the Portuguese HPSC in the 10 targeted markets – Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden.

Following the exploratory contacts held by Market Access with the Swedish market, consultants João Sardo and Laura Chiphelnitzky were in Stockholm from May 7 to 8, 2018, to meet with some Swedish sports entities with relevance in the areas of intervention of the Portuguese High Performance Sports Centres.

On May 7, the Portuguese missive visited the Swedish Canoeing Federation, in the presence of Coach Per Erik Rönnestrand; the Swedish Sports Confederation, represented by Peter Mattsson, Director of High Performance Sports; Swedish Cycling Federation, in the presence of its Secretary-General, Leif Karlsson; the Springtime Group, a travel and fitness travel agency, represented by Hans Lodin (Business Development) and Anders Szalkai (athlete).

There were also opportunity for meetings with the Swedish Fencing Federation, represented by its Secretary General, Pierre Thullberg; with the Swedish Athletics Federation in the presence of Karin Torneklint, national team coach and athlete Anders Möller and with the Swedish Olympic Committee, where their Operations Manager Peter Reinebo was present.

Next day, May 8, meetings continued with the Swedish Modern Pentathlon Federation, in the person of its Permanent Secretary, Kari Rasmuson; with the Swedish Paralympic Committee, represented by its Permanent Secretary, Jonatan Sandberg; with Equestrian Sports, represented by the Senior International Adviser, Wiveka Lundh and the Swedish Rowing Federation, attended by its Secretary-General, Per Lundberg.

Through the contacts made with the entities above, we intend to increase the level of recognition of the Portuguese High Performance Sports Centres in Sweden, as well as to invite their athletes and teams to train in our equipment.