Portuguese Sports Foundation integrates the forum of ASPC – International Association of Sport Performance Centres in Durban, South Africa, representing the HIGHSPORTUGAL Network.

The ASPC International Forum on Elite Sport took place in Durban, South Africa from August 23 to 26, 2017.

Kwazulu-Natal province was the center of South Africa’s Elite Sport, where 800 participants, including 300 ASPC delegates from 40 countries and around 500 South African leaders and coaches, gathered in this great meeting.

The main objectives of ASPC are to promote the qualification of the human, technical and scientific resources of the High Performance Sports Centres, the sharing of information, knowledge and best practices, based on a collaborative methodology among the various members, based on high ethical principles.

In this Forum, the High Performance Sports Centres around the world had direct contact with the most recent developments at the following levels:

  • Leadership in management and sport,
  • Technology and innovation,
  • Development of the athlete,
  • Antidoping,
  • Women’s participation in sport,
  • Evaluation of the Rio 2016 Games,
  • Update on Tokyo 2020,
  • Financial innovation,
  • Models of operation of sports training centers.

The Portuguese Sports Foundation, which is responsible for coordinating the international management and promotion of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres, is part of the ASPC, as an official Class A organization, along with several top international sports entities.

At the ASPC European Forum held in the High Performance Sports Centre of Sierra Nevada in October 2016, the Portuguese Sports Foundation had the opportunity to present the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres to Europe.

In Durban, on the other hand, the presentation of the High Performance Sports Centres of Portugal was promoted worldwide, which represents a very important step for the promotion of our High Performance Sports Centres, with a view to strengthening their qualification.