The Internationalization Project of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres continues in China, with the visit of representatives of the Portuguese Sports Foundation to entities and local experts of various modalities.

Following the project for the internationalization of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres – HIGHSPORTUGAL, Market Access, a company selected by public tender, carried out the activity 3.3 of this project, entitled “International Promotion Actions with the organization of meetings and exploratory talks in the targeted markets, advised by expert consultants to promote the national offer of HPSC”.

The execution of this activity includes actions to promote the Portuguese HPSC in the 10 targeted markets – Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden.

Given the exploratory contacts held by Market Access with the Chinese market, Paulo Frischknecht, President of the Portuguese Sports Foundation was in Beijing between May 14 and 18, 2018, accompanied by the consultant Andrea Portelinha, in order to carry out meetings with the representatives and experts of the modalities, previously assigned.

Over the days designated for the meetings, those occurred continuously during the 3 days. On May 14, 2018, the emissaries met with the Chinese Tennis Association, in the person of Mr. Chun He, Secretary General of the Chinese Tennis Alliance for Teenagers. On the same day, a meeting was held with Bafangdingli Sports and Culture Communication Co., Ltd., represented by its Director of Human Resources, Zhang Hongli; with the Shenyang People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, represented by Secretary-General, Wand Zijiang and Division Chief, Zhu Gang.

Meetings were also held with Sports, Health & Art Station, Qiaokou District Education Department, Wuhan, in the presence of the Director, Huang Hongbing; Greatopus Traveling Agency: Health, Culture and Sports, with President Lily Yang; Beijing Baohao Sports with Senior Consultants, Guo Mingjing and Yu Tao; CIC Control (Hubei) Development with the Executive Director, Peng Xuanxiong; Zhongyi Capital with the Vice President, Hou Yv.

On May 15, 2018, time was for visits to the Huaao Xingkong Administration with President Ye Chun, Li Yanming, Deputy General Manager and Zeng Li, Director of the Mass Sport and Teenager Sport Channel; Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Changping District Government, in the presence of the Director, Zhuang Jianrong; Foreign Affairs Overseas Office of Changping District Government with Deputy Director Jin Shenghai; Sports Bureau of Changping District with Deputy Director Zhang Jingdong.

Finally, on May 16, 2018, the day was dedicated to a visit to the Sports Bureau of Changping District, Beijing, with Director Fang Lei and the 2008 Olimpic Water Park, in Shunyi Disctrict.

In addition to the consolidated contacts with the aforementioned entities, a meeting was also held via Skype with the Duo Sports Group (DSG) for incompatibility of the agenda of the participants.

The presence of the President of the Portuguese Sports Foundation in this mission was an important asset to the Institution, not only in the context of this Project activities, but also to foster future agreements, closer strategic contacts with the aforementioned entities, and the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing.