The internationalization project of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres continued in United Kingdom with meetings of the representatives of the Portuguese Sports Foundation with specialists and technicians of the modalities approached.

Following the project for the internationalization of the Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres – HIGHSPORTUGAL, Market Access, a company selected by public tender, carried out the activity 3.3 of this project, entitled “International Promotion Actions with the organization of meetings and exploratory talks in the targeted markets, advised by expert consultants to promote the national offer of HPSC”.

The execution of this activity includes actions to promote the Portuguese HPSC in the 10 targeted markets – Germany, Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Sweden.

Following the exploratory contacts held by Market Access with the United Kingdom, consultants John Sardo and Charles Cormack were in Scotland on May 22 and 23, 2018, to meet with local sports entities. The visits unfolded intensively during the two days, respecting a previously established agenda.

Thus, on May 22, visits were made to Heriot-Watt University, with Neil Gibson, Sports Director of the Oriam: Scotland’s Sports Performance Center; Tennis Scotland, with its CEO, Blane Dodds; Basketball Scotland, represented by its CEO Kevin Pringle and Basketball Director Barry Lang; University of Stirling Sport, with David Bond, Director of Sports Performance.

There was also the opportunity to hold a meeting with Scottish Swimming, represented by its National Coach, Alan Lynn.

In addition to the contacts mentioned above, additional ones have been established with entities such as Scottish Athletics, Scottish Cycling, among others, in order to broaden the recognition of Portuguese Network of High Performance Sports Centres in the United Kingdom and extended the invitation to their athletes and teams to count with our infrastructures to train and improve their technical skills.